Welcome to Cosi Covers

Made from 100% Cotton Terry Towelling

Our Cosi Covers are made from high quality fabric, and are no comparison to the majority of swimming ponchos / hooded towels today, which are thin and cheap. Our price is reasonable and affordable for the quality you will obtain.


Keeps them warm

Cosi Covers are thick, plush and extra long in length. Making them very warm, and help protect against the harsh sun.


Super absorbent

Our hooded towels are super absorbent, due to the fabric's superior ability to soak up water.


Fast drying


Made oversized to last

Our products are made to provide 2-3 years + of use. We realise the cost of living is expensive, so whilst designing the hooded towels, we have taken this into consideration.


Easy to change into for small children, no zips, buttons or ties

Children just pop it over their head like a large shirt making it simple for small children to put on and take off with little effort.


Discrete cover-up giving a child privacy

This is a very important factor to us. Due to the Cosi Covers being oversized, the children can get changed discretely whilst wearing the poncho.